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ActivePureĀ® Technology is a system that can proactively reduce pathogens in our homes, schools, restaurants, factories, arenas, offices, and any other indoor space.


Do You Spend Much of Your Time Indoors?

If so, purchase an Aerus air purification system in Houston, TX

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, indoor air quality can be five times more polluted than outdoor environments - if not more. Be Smart Distributors of Houston, TX can help you decide if you need an air purification system by performing air quality testing.

You can use your air quality test results to compare Aerus products that meet your needs. We'd be glad to recommend air purification systems based on your price range and the type of airborne contaminants you want to eliminate. Call 713-454-1717 now.

Some pollutants are invisible and odorless

As a result, you could be inhaling pollutants without realizing it. Luckily, we can perform an air quality test to...

Detect the presence of mold, volatile organic compounds and other harmful particles
Find out if excessive humidity is creating an ideal growing environment for mold
Gather the data we need to recommend the right air purification system

We can perform air quality testing at airports, apartment complexes, assisted living facilities, bus stations, gyms, office buildings, retail spaces and schools in the Houston, TX area. Reach out now to make an appointment.